AY2021 Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan (SASJ) Annual conference (online)
Research presentation / SASJ 50th Anniversary Program

Presentation information and abstract submission

1. Qualifications to be a presenter

    Presenters are limited to regular members and student members of SASJ. However, co-authors can be non-members. Even if you are a non-member, you can register as a presenter if you enroll as a member by the deadline for abstract submission. You can receive a discount on the membership fee for the first year if you enroll as a member to participate in the conference. Please apply for membership from the membership application (http://www.sasj.org/regist/index.html) on the SASJ website. In poster presentations, the presenter should be marked with a circle in the manuscript of the abstract.

2. Presentation methods

    Presentations will be either oral or poster. Please specify the presentation method (oral or poster) when registering for the presentation. Please note that the conference organizers may specify the presentation method depending on the number of applications.
    Oral presentation: Presentation time will be 15 min (12 min presentation, 3 min Q&A. Please keep the time limit.
    Poster presentation: Core times will be set.

3. How to create and send the abstracts

    Those who have registered as a presenter should prepare two abstracts: (1) manuscript to be published in the conference proceedings and (2) abstract to be published in the SASJ journal. Please submit both abstracts through the following web page. If you have any questions, please contact the conference organizer.
  • Template [Abstract_template_en.docx]
  • (1) Use A4 vertical format.
  • (2) Leave a margin of 25 mm on the top, bottom, left and right.
  • (3) Font size should be 10.5 points in Serif style (such as Times New Roman), approx. 90 characters per line, 35-40 lines per page.
  • (4) Use 2 pages per presentation. Do not enter the page number.
  • (5) On the first line of the first page, leave a 16-character length indent at the left end (8 full-width characters or 16 half-width characters, the presentation number will be inserted by the organizers), and the write the title with font size 12 points. If you have a subtitle, enter it with font size 10.5 points on the second line.
  • (6) On the 3rd line, enter the name of the presenter in the format of "name (affiliation, regular / student member)". If there are multiple authors, put a circle to the left of the presenter's name. If you are a non-member, please do not write the membership type.
  • (7) Please fill in the text from the 6th line.
  • (8) You can include graphs, photographs, etc. but please use high resolution images.
  • (1) The maximum number of characters should be 250, including the title and name of authors.
  • (2) The text should be entered directly to the textbox in the form.


    The copyright of the abstracts published in the conference proceedings to SASJ.