AY2021 Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan (SASJ) Annual conference (online)
Research presentation / SASJ 50th Anniversary Program

Registration for participation and presentation

  • The program will be organized according to the title submitted at the time of registration. Please take care to use the same title when preparing the abstracts.
  • ◆Registration deadline for research presentation: Jun. 20th, 2021 (Sun) -> July.5th, 2021(Mon)
  • ◆Registration deadline for participation (for non-presenters): Sep. 19, 2021 (Sun)
  • Please prepare the following information before going to the registration form. Only one participant can apply through one registration.
  • (1) Membership type / membership number (members only)
  • (2) Participant's name, name in Japanese hira-gana, affiliation, E-mail
  • (3) Registration type (presenter or participant)
    • If you are registering as a presenter:
    • (4) Oral / poster
    • (5) Title of presentation, name of all authors and their affiliations
    • (6) For students, the affiliation and name of the academic advisor