AY2021 Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan (SASJ) Annual conference (online)
Research presentation / SASJ 50th Anniversary Program

Payment of participation fee

Participation fee (including book of abstracts)

 Regular member*1Student member*1Non-member*2
Participation fee3,000yen1,000yen5,000yen
  • *1Includes those who enroll as a member by the deadline for abstract submission. Only in the first year, you can receive a half price discount on the membership fee (regular member 8,000 yen → 4,000 yen, student member 4,000 yen → 2,000 yen). If you would like to enroll in the discount, please complete the enrollment procedure from the "enrollment form". At that time, please enter "Request for a discount on membership fee for the first year to participate in the conference" in the "Contact Information" field. Please note that the enrollment procedure may take several days).
  • Web form (in Japanese): https://z107.secure.ne.jp/~z107179/regist/form_v1.html
  • or Application by e-mail: http://sasj.org/en/regist/index.html
  • * 2 Non-members can only participate (cannot be a presenter).

Payment of registration fee

  • Please transfer the specified fee to the Japan Post Bank account shown below. The transfer fee should be borne by the sender. You may use the payment handling slip provided at the post office. The account can only be accessed from the post office or from another Japan Post Bank account (transfer from another bank account is not possible). Please note that the account shown below is different from the account for the annual membership fee. Please do not use the payment handling slip enclosed in the SASJ journal.
    After paying the specified fee, please enter your payment information in the webpage below:
Japan Post Bank accountAccount name2021年度農業施設学会大会
Account number00220-2-92112
From other bank accountsRecipient name2021年度農業施設学会大会
Bank name
JP postbank(ゆうちょ銀行) 029(〇二九)
Account typeChecking(当座)
Account number0092112