Remarks about “Journal of SASJ”

  • 1. About 60-80 % of research papers are written in Japanese, and titles, author's names, abstracts and keywords written in English are attached.
  • 2. Fiscal year (FY) of our society begins in April and ends in March, and members receive 4 journals per year at 3-month intervals.
  • 3. If you join our society right now, you will receive journals that have been already published in this fiscal year.


Annual Membership Fee

  • Full Membership: \ 8,000
  • Student Membership: \ 4,000
  • Subscriber Membership: \ 12,000


How to Join Us

  • 1. Please fill the Application Form (appli_form.doc) and send it to our General Office though e-mail.
  • 2. After that, the General Office will send a reply and give instructions to remit your membership fee to our bank account.
  • 3. Please remit your membership fee by telegraphic transfer according to the instructions.


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